We love working with innovators to refocus existing systems, design products and develop software.

Smart-phone Apps:
iPhone/iPod, iPad Apps
Android Apps

Software Design:
Web Based Applications
PC/ MAC Desktop Applications
Server Side Applications

- Education App
- Executive Team Evaluation
"For Those Who Make It Happen"
- Food Groups Diet Tracking App

Web Applications
- Expert Advice System for a
Fortune 1000 company
- Strategic and Critical Thinking Tools

Desktop Software
- Content Delivery Dashboard that is
Industry Revolutionizing
- Photo-realistic Landscaping and Remodeling Software
Rick Salas of New Angle brings over 25 years of experience in startup companies and projects.
New Angle Technologies

Find out if we can help, call us:
816 729 8430
You may Email us at:
New Angle Technologies, LLC

Ask us about our 2-day turn around

We give you a prototype on your concept!

We work closely with you on your concept

Use your prototype to blueprint your app,
test your concept, promote your idea
or further brainstorm with others

Expressing your vision through innovative use of technology!
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"...listens very carefully to customers needs, asks the right questions and develops effective solutions that are ingenuous yet simple and easy to use..."
Charles H. Pelanne - President
CHP International

"...transforms verbal business discussions into visual web tools that far exceed client requirements...."
Pradip Kamat - President
Indus International

816 729 8430
"...always looks at business problems from the user's point of view, and then applies the technologies, that best address the problem..."
Elwood Smith - President
Mountebanq Ltd

"...very unique and creative way to promote our town and what it has to offer..."
Kathy Dusenbary - President
Think Tank, Inc.

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